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STUDY FOR FREE - Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Are you a student or job seeker who is looking for a free training?
Are you a student associate degree unceasing interest to come up in life?
Are you depressed for deprivation of money to afford for your education?

Then you have reached the right place as Cegonsoft is providing free education as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Cegonsoft takes huge pride in asserting that we have a tendency to sponsor a student every month free education and educate the candidate and also provide them Placement Assistance and it applies to all our branches.

We have 8 branches and each branch can accommodate One student who is Below Poverty Line (BPL) and can avail a maximum course FREE of cost worth Rs 28,250/-. On an average, Cegonsoft’s investment on this BPL project is Rs. 2 Lakh to Rs. 3 Lakh per month.

Yes, if you are someone who is financially weak, you can approach us and join any of our Placement Assistance Courses and get benefited.

Cegonsoft invites you to be a part of the company by expecting you to be a 4-hour active participator in any of our back-end operations. You might work directly under the Manager and you will be provided work in marketing field, technical or any other convenient department.

Eligibility Criteria.

Students, who have an interest to learn, upgrade and march forward in life.
Students with a positive energy and good attitude towards others.
Students with a basic discipline and perfection in their lifestyles.
Students with good academic record. Students with 60% marks in degree.
What do you need to do to avail this opportunity?

He/She needs to get a letter from the College/University studied stating that he/she is financially weak or a letter from a Gazette Officer.
Candidate need to produce his/her photo copy of Mark certificates and Ration Card.
This Registration needs to be approved from the Management. Management takes the final decision.
If required, there may be Test before approving.
If Numbers of Students are more for Free Study Registration then they will be processed according to the Round Robin policy. Where In every Month only one student will be registered from each branch. Every body will be queued and will be put for the registrations.

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