On Job Training
About OJT:

OJT is a unique program offered by Cegonsoft for all such Fresh Graduates/job Seekers and Job hunters who are looking out for training cum live project exposure. This program bridges the gap between practical difficulties candidate experience between theoretical & practical execution of projects in real time context.
Recent Study indicates, that majority of the students clear technical round of discussion but when it comes to execution of a code during interview, candidates experience challenge in overcoming this practical hurdle. In spite of scoring good marks in final exam/having sound technical theoretical knowledge, today’s generation faces a deep concern when it comes to practical execution.

Tier 1 & MNCs have already adopted the concept of In house training which incurs huge additional investments. This not only including training cost but also 4-6 months of salary , perks and other benefits.

Market Research indicates, in spite of having dedicated Infra structure support and other benefits, it is only a 50% successful model.

While Start Ups and Tier 2 & 3 Organizations are looking at readymade product in the market who are ready to deploy and day 1 productive. In order to bridge this huge demand and supply crisis, Cegonsoft ‘s OJT Program comes with a unique 3 months OJT Program which addresses this industry wide issue to a great extend. The program has its own advantages and is beneficial for all the 3Cs.

3 Cs Benefit:

Candidate – Opportunity for Fresher/job hunters/job seekers to enroll for OJT and get real time project exposure

Clients – Companies looking for ready to deploy and productive resources are best benefitted

Cegonsoft – As a organization, this program creates a great value in IT Global market

Cegonsoft Solution:

Cegonsoft’s OJT Program aims at addressing this practical issue by giving 3 months of On Job Project exposure for all OJT students. This builds immense confidence among students which helps them to build a strong technical foundation not only theoretically but also in code level.

Our Hiring Process:
Online Technical Evaluation
Online Aptitude Test
Written English and Verbal Communication Test
Group Discussion
Technical Interview
HR Round
Job in Hand

Who can opt for Assured OJT?
Fresh graduates looking for opportunities in IT.
IT professionals looking for enhancing their skills.
Non-IT professionals looking to shift to IT industry.

What we cover in OJT?

Assured OJT Will help a fresher /job seeker/job hunter to shift the gear from JOB to a CAREER

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